Welcome to the Wonderpoint Wellness Centre!

We are a small collective of highly trained professionals who specialize in various types of treatments. 

  Offering a range of beneficial health services and treatments, we strive to provide the quality that ensures you will always be happy you visited us. Wonderpoint is proud to provide the community with our own renounced services in traditional Chinese Acupuressure Acupoint massage therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Cupping for deep tissue stimulation and more. Located in beautiful Burnaby and serving Vancouver, our professional massage therapists and acupuncturists are respected for their expertise and exceptional customer service. Our repeat clientele speaks for itself. Helping to resolve various problematic health and pain issues, here at Wonderpoint Wellness Centre you will be glad you came. As you experience the treatments, your sure to be thankful that our staff has been able to assist you in feeling better and on your way to a healthier, more rejuvenated you!

  Our services range from several styles of massage, including acupressure acupoint, deep tissue, tuina and hot stone. We are also very diverse in acupuncture and its various methods and TDP lamp treatment alternatives. Reflexology is also a treatment option you can enjoy weather its the soothing comfort for hands, ears, feet or all three for the complete package!

  We also feature various packages and group comprehensive treatments. Look forward to having your favorite treatments at a discounted rate when you purchase our package or grouped plans! We currently offer packages for general treatments in the form of 5-10 session pricing paks and a comprehensive treatment combination that allows you to have a little bit of everything! Gift cards are available as a perfect way to say 'I care" to someone special or members of your family that would love to be given a chance to relieve their sore muscles or stress related pressures.

  Please be sure to browse our website for informative insight of our various services and rates as well take a peek at what's new with our company. You will find promotional offers that are Online ONLY! as well as review the current publications and advertisements running in your local newspapers and magazines.

  As a Vancouver and Burnaby wellness centre we are committed to offering the best service with natural and eco friendly practices. We take pride in being health and environmentally conscious and offer select products and organic food specialties to enhance our vision to help everyone become healthy and feeling their best!

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Popular Choices

- Wonderpoint Wellness Services -
  • $130

    120 min Comprehensive Treatment Group #5

  • $65

    60 min Targeted Pain Relief Specialized Massage

  • $50

    50 minutes Reflexology massage

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