Specialized Massage

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Targeted Pain Relief*

Ideal for people suffering from Arthritis and vehicle accidents. This focussed base massage therapy uses various forms of touch in a specific area of the body needing attention.

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Sport Injuries*

This primarily focusses attention on the areas of the body specific to the injury that requires the continued benifits of massage.

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Abdominal Qi Massage**

We offer several known techniques to provide stimulation to the organs and digestive tract aiding in the relief of gastric and intestinal difficulties.

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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massages can help relieve the prenatal aches and pains. When pregnant, the body experiences several changes, with the extra weight, there is stress on the abdominal muscles, back, shoulders and neck.

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recent news

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Wonderpoint Bio Feedback

We are introducing the wide application and helpful health assessment benefits of our New Bio Feedback System and Software!

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Foot Care by footlogix®

Wonderpoint Now has complete foot care services using the professional products line by footlogix®! You can also purchase the products for your continued use between visits!

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Skin Science skin care

Full Skin Care treatments with high end products now offered at Wonderpoint Wellenss! Your skin will become healthier and the 11 step process can help various skin conditions, please see detail under Skin Care in the Services section.